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When a Little Love Goes a Long Way

P eople do business with those who they like, know, and trust. They especially like doing business with people who show appreciation for their clients, rather than those who treat their clients like numbers or cogs in a machine. No one wants to feel like a cog. There’s an Italian pizzeria near my house I absolutely adore: Frantoni’s. When my family and I visit Frantoni’s, they know our drink orders and exactly where to seat us. They also know that as a family with two young kids, we appreciate it when the rolls arrive on the table sooner rather than later. The staff at Frantoni’s knows us, knows our kids, and knows how to make my family’s evening truly special. We are greeted with hugs and made to feel like family. Because the folks at Frantoni’s have made such an impression on me — not to mention we enjoy their food — they are my family’s go-to restaurant when we want to have a meal out or simply want a pizza night in. They are also the ones I call when I want to cater an informal event at our home. They have my business locked down because they know how to treat me and the rest of their customers. Another example that comes to mind is my experience with Ruby Receptionists, my phone reception service. They have consistently wowed me in the time I have used them. There was one time they called me while I was with my 2-year- old, taking him to an appointment. Well, my 2-year-old really wanted to be in on the conversation. I remarked to the receptionist, “No matter what else I accomplish in life, I have a 2-year-old who loves me.” A week following that call, I received a card in the mail. It was from the receptionist I had spoken to. It turns out, my comment had made an impression, and my 2-year-old had made her day (he is very sweet!). But the gesture with the card had, in turn, made my day. It’s remarkable how much impact a card with a short personal note can have. What’s even more remarkable is this isn’t the only card I’ve received from someone with Ruby Receptionists. I’ve received other handwritten cards from people I’ve spoken to, including not one, but two, handmade holiday cards. These are the kinds of businesses l love to emulate, particularly when it comes to showing appreciation to their clients. It’s about defying expectations, even when the expectations are already high. When you choose a business to work with, you naturally go in with certain expectations. You expect an attorney who holds a law degree and passed the state bar exam to know what they’re talking about and to be capable of providing

you with good service. You can say the same about any business or profession. Simply doing a competent job isn’t enough. For me, I try to show appreciation in a number of different ways. One of my ongoing goals is to be an incredible resource for my clients and anyone who may have questions about their business. That’s why I’ve worked to develop this newsletter, monthly webinars, whitepapers, and other online resources. More than that, I try to point my clients in the right direction even when I don’t offer a specific resource or service. I want my clients to be able to take advantage of the relationships I have with other professionals in the community. More recently, I’ve been rolling out a VIP program for my clients. By the time this newsletter reaches you, you may have already heard from me with the details. This a program that features benefits like the following: • Automatic receipt of any new booklet, special report, or white paper created by Love Law Firm • A guaranteed spot in our monthly Building Blocks: Power Lunch webinars • Subscription to the firm’s monthly Building Blocks newsletter • Free notary service (simply schedule an appointment) • Free family insurance policy review — because it’s not enough to protect your business assets • Free contract review for services related to your family (excluding real estate sales contracts) • Attorney referral services for areas of law that Love Law Firm does not handle (i.e., family law, traffic, personal injury, etc.) • Lost key return program — this is a key fob you attach to your keychain. Lose your keys and my office gets the call. I’ll even pay a reward to whoever finds your keys! • Frequent prize drawings and other goodies

This is just a sample of what I’ve been putting together. I want you to have the very best, and this program represents a step toward that goal. People

expect more from a law firm with the name “Love” in it. Especially in February, the expectations are particularly high. Please know that on Valentine’s Day, and every day, you can be sure I’ll be thinking about you and how I can help you make your business even better.

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