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Memories in the Library and Beyond FROM THE REALM OF XANTH

series. The movie “Shooter” is based on the first book in this series, but as always, the book is much better than the movie. Alison is also an avid reader. This year, she’s challenged herself to read all the titles on the Top 10 Books to Read Before You Die list. She read “Little Women” at the beginning of the year, just in time for us to see the new movie adaptation when it was in theaters. I’ve never read the book, but the movie was spectacular. Ali liked it as well, so I’d guess they did a good job adapting the book. March 2 is Read Across America Day. If you’ve been promising yourself you’re going to read more, now is a great time to start. I love holding a book in my hands, but e-books and audiobooks are just as great for experiencing the story. I really enjoy audiobooks because it means I can keep “reading” while I’m driving around. I can hit play and enjoy 20–30 minutes of my book during my commute. I also have a “car book” I break out in case of emergencies. If I get somewhere early or have to wait a while, I always have a book on me. My most recent car book was called “The Jesus Fast.” This was a really

Some of my earliest memories are weekly trips made to the Welles-Turner Memorial Library in Glastonbury. My dad would take my sister and me down to the library and I’d leave with armfuls of books. I always had a book (or 10) on my nightstand for reading. Sci-fi and fantasy novels shaped my imagination as a boy. My favorite author was Piers Anthony. I spent many hours of my childhood in the realm of Xanth and I read just about every book Anthony wrote. As I got older, I turned to heavier books. I’m pretty sure I’m one of the few people on the planet who’s read everything Ayn Rand wrote, including “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead.” I’m still a big reader today. My favorite books are thrilling page turners, like Stephen Hunter’s “Bob Lee Swagger”

“I spent many hours of my childhood in the realm of Xanth and I read just about every book Anthony wrote.”

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How Kim Heimer Balances Fun and Responsibilities

“I’m a full-time teacher and when I started grad school back in May 2018, my plate was pretty full. I get home after 7 p.m. on

most days. To help out, my parents gave me a gift certificate to October Kitchen. I’d heard of October Kitchen before, but I didn’t know much about it or what they were about. I went into the shop to check it out and I haven’t stopped going since. It’s so convenient. The food is great and the service is awesome. I love talking to Stephanie when I go in. Plus, thanks to October Kitchen,

T here are only 24 hours in a day, but when you have a lot of responsibilities on your plate, it can feel like you have a lot less time. Just ask third-grade teacher Kim Heimer. In addition to teaching full time, Kim has been attending grad school for the last several years, working toward her sixth- year certificate, which is an advanced degree in education leadership.

“My goal is to take what I’ve been able

to do in my classroom and elevate it to help more students, families and other teachers. I’m big on family engagement and classroom management. I love it when former students come back to visit me. It lets me know I’ve made a difference in their lives. I want to keep

I’m able to make better, healthy choices instead of going to other restaurants.” –Kim Heimer

“I’ve been teaching for 10 years and my favorite part about being a teacher is the connections I’m able to make with my students,” Kim says. “Kids can grow so much in just one year. When my students get ready to start fourth grade, I want to see that they’re more confident in themselves and excited for their future. That’s what lets me know I’ve done my job as a teacher.

making this difference by working on social and emotional curriculum that will empower kids to be kinder, better citizens in their communities.” For the last several years, Kim’s life has been mainly work and school, but she still aims to find a good balance. She enjoys hiking, taking painting or pottery classes, trying new fitness adventures (have you heard of goat yoga?) and traveling on weekends. In the past year, she was able to visit Nashville, Toronto, New York City, Portland and Vermont. “When you have big goals, it’s important to work hard toward them,” Kim says. “But it’s also important to balance your responsibilities with fun; otherwise, you’ll get burned out. That’s why I’m so glad I found October Kitchen. They give me that little extra free time. Instead of turning on the stove at 7 p.m., I can come home with a healthy meal. I have time to relax a little and eating healthy gives me the energy to keep up with all my responsibilities.” It’s easy to feel like we have too much to do and never enough time to do it. We’re glad we can help people like Kim Heimer make extra time in their day to meet their responsibilities while still having a little fun once in a while.

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But Cena really dedicated himself to the cause. In 2019, he granted his 600th wish — more than any other person — and he shows no signs of stopping. There’s a reason he’s granted so many wishes and it’s not because he can fit all the wishes into his busy schedule between wrestling and filming movies. He’s the organization’s most requested person. He has a lot of young fans. Of his experience working with Make-A-Wish, Cena says, “I learn from every single child I meet and their families as well. It’s incredibly rewarding.”

_____________________________ Write your name here and fax the completed puzzle to 860-533-0585, send it via empty delivery box or bring it to the shop and receive 10% off your next order . Limit one per customer. Expires March 31, 2020. WORDSEARCH ARIES BLOOM BUD Make-A-Wish is all about granting life-changing wishes to children living with a critical illness. The wishes typically fall into five categories: I wish to go, I wish to be, I wish to meet, I wish to have or I wish to give. Many kids wish to meet their idols. Over the nonprofit organization’s 40-year history, countless celebrities, including actors, athletes, musicians and other personalities, have partnered with Make-A-Wish to grant the wishes. Several of these celebrities have paired with Make-A-Wish multiple times, including Justin Bieber, Michael Jordan and Hulk Hogan. In fact, all three have “made a wish” over 200 times each. But there is one celebrity who has donated more time than any other: John Cena. As an actor and professional wrestler with the WWE, John Cena has fans all over the world. Cena granted his first wish in 2004 — part of the long tradition of the WWE working with Make-A-Wish. It’s a tradition that goes back to the first days of the foundation in the 1980s when Hulk Hogan began granting wishes. Since then, over 50 WWE wrestlers have granted more than 6,000 wishes!

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fascinating book that looked at how fasting was a tool of the Christian Church in the old days. Jesus fasted for 40 days as a sort of spiritual weapon, preparing himself for what was to come. Reading this book has got me thinking about how I can use fasting as a way to keep myself sensitive to God and the spirit. Being a chef and running my own business means I don’t have the same amount of free time I did when I was a kid with 10 books on my nightstand. But I’ve learned that in order to have time to read, I need to make time. During a weeklong vacation, I can chew through four different books, but during a workweek, I might only have time to read for 15 minutes before bed. I’ll take that 15 minutes because, hey, at least I’m getting to read. And when I inevitably wake up at 2 a.m., I can grab my book off the nightstand and read again until I fall back to sleep.


Reading is pretty important to me and I’ll take my reading time wherever I can get it.

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Best Power Tools for Older Folks


A s you age, it can be harder to tackle the home projects you once did without a second thought. That said, just because they appear harder doesn’t mean they’re impossible to do. And, luckily, with age comes experience; you know how to get a job done faster and more efficiently than any 20-year-old would — you just need the tools to do it right. Here are three of the best power tools you can use to turn your home project dreams into reality. Makita DT01W 12V Max Lithium-Ion Cordless Impact Driver Drill Previous drill models were built out of hard plastic and steel, which made them heavy, hard to maneuver and difficult to grip. However, Makita drills are designed with soft grip handles, making them easier to use if you have

arthritis or other joint conditions. In addition, they weigh only 2 pounds, so they’re safe and easy to handle in the tightest of spaces. That said, don’t let the size fool you: This drill can deliver 800 pounds of maximum torque, making it an ideal drill for your heavy-duty projects. Dremel 7300-N/5 4.8V MiniMite Cordless Rotary Tool Getting the amount of precision needed for smaller projects like engraving, polishing and finish work with older rotary tools is near impossible. Fortunately, this handy power tool is perfect for polishing, cutting small-scale copper piping, engraving or even spot-grinding a nasty weld. It also weighs only 1.1 pounds so it’s perfect for intricate engravings or polishing your favorite set of wheels. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX 5-1/2-Inch Circular Saw For bigger DIY projects, it might not be realistic for you to work with the heavy, corded and bulky saws that you used to use. When it comes to home renovations or those bigger DIY projects, there is nothing better than this BLACK+DECKER saw. With a tool-free depth of cut and easy-to-use bevel, it’s so much easier to get the type of cut you need. At 6.1 pounds, it’s painless to manage and less risky when you need to stretch to get a longer cut.

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