CLAS LINUX GROUP Did you know CLAS Technology Services supports a self- service remote Linux access service? While there are many applications for which Linux excels compared to MS Windows or Apple macOS, it is especially popular in academic research due to scientific, engineering, and mathematical software

solutions. Many of these solutions are open source and strongly supported by active research and application developer communities. The CLAS Remote Linux Access is powered by a commercial product called FastX. FastX gives you remote access to Linux systems by running from your regular web browser and provides a full Linux experience and graphical user interface (GUI). If CLAS Remote Linux Access might be useful for your research, you can read about it and get started with FastX here: Self-service is accessed by using your HawkID and password across secure https protocols. This first login creates your account, taking 3-10 seconds, and then gives you access to hundreds of software titles pre-loaded into the environment and available to your private home directory. The screenshot to the right shows folders from several departments that are using the service;

each department has many common and specific titles available for use to researchers in CLAS.

Learn more about all of the services the CLAS Linux Group offers at

Lance Bolton Senior Director, Technology Services


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