I hope that readers of my work can feel and experience the beauty and awe of the religious faith that sustains many of the people I have been privileged to meet. A goal of mine is that my research and writing can garner empathy and a willingness for us to advocate for change. The reviews of Meatpacking America have been really positive, and what excites me the most about this is that the book has ignited a conversation about what the next steps are---what do we do now, armed with the knowledge that some of the most vulnerable people in our state of Iowa work at incredibly dangerous jobs? How do we draw on our positionality as scholars in a privileged position to make change? It is daunting as well as exciting to work toward solutions and that is where I am now post- Meatpacking America . I am currently collaborating with scholars here at the University of Iowa across disciplines to work toward policies that will benefit vulnerable populations in our state. Stay tuned! KRISTY NABHAN-WARREN

What excites you about the environment in CLAS?

How Migration , Work , and Faith Unite and Divide the Heartland KRISTY NABHAN-WARREN

I am all about working across our disciplinary silos and learning from each other, and I love that there are possibilities for collaboration in CLAS. I have gotten to know colleagues in many departments across CLAS and find that we share interests and passions. And we have a fabulous Obermann Center and OVPR that supports interdisciplinary work and collaboration. I think that helps makes the University of Iowa a special place. What are your hobbies and pursuits outside of work? I am a former avid runner turned avid walker (out of necessity –middle age, old injuries...) and you can find me out and about Iowa City with my Vizsla Rosie and mini-dachshund, Kipo. I also really enjoy biking to work and hiking. I enjoy cooking with and for my teenaged sons and tween daughter, and I love baking cookies and Pyrex casseroles.

Favorite things to do in Iowa City?

I love walking around town and strolling along the Iowa River at City Park. I enjoy eating out and getting coffee at Cortado, Tru, and Starbucks. It is a delight ordering a cheese platter and a glass of chilled wine at the Brix with friends and my husband, and I really enjoy frequenting FilmScene. I love our city!


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