What are your hobbies and pursuits outside of work? I love baking and cooking. Most of the time, I will just follow recipes downloaded from the Internet or collected from friends. I have, however, recently started experimenting with different recipes. Some of the foods resulting from these experimentations were truly pleasant surprises, whereas others simply left a bad taste in the mouth, triggering an order to a food delivery service.

changes to the 4G LTE and 5G protocols. I have also advised Federal Communication Commission (FCC), Qualcomm, Intel, Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific, and GSMA in the context of cellular network security and privacy. In addition, our security analysis of the enterprise Wifi in educational institutions around the world (i.e., eduroam) revealed and suggested fixes for several high-severity vulnerabilities that allowed adversaries to steal user credentials. Overall, my research aids system designers and developers in performing automatic security and privacy analysis of systems before deployment, allowing them to avoid debilitating attacks in production.

Favorite things to do in Iowa City?

What excites you about the environment in CLAS?

Before the pandemic, my favorite things to do included exploring the restaurant scene and going to theatres. During the pandemic, I have been enjoying taking walks in the different parks and trails.

CLAS being a college with many different disciplines naturally provides a breeding ground for truly interdisciplinary research. The different activities and initiatives arranged by CLAS allowed me to meet colleagues from other departments. In many cases, such meetings enabled me to learn and share ideas about problems that are truly interdisciplinary in nature.


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