Inspired by the real-life testimonies of young ladies from the Cincinnati area, Fierce is a story of four girls learning to face their individual challenges and overcome them. The music consists of a variety of styles including traditional opera, jazz, R & B, hip-hop and more! I like to call it “Genre Salad.” Tell us about the broad impact it has/could have. Both projects have the potential to have a very broad impact. My goal is to serve as many possible. By creating content that is consumer focused, the likelihood of more listeners enjoying and connecting with my music increases.

What excites you about the environment in CLAS?

CLAS has a very family-oriented environment. I’ve felt this since the moment I arrived on campus for my first interview. This is very exciting for me! I enjoy working with people who genuinely care about the well-being of students and colleagues alike. I’m also excited about the direction of our college. We’ve got some amazing things brewing, and I can’t wait to see how we continue to grow! What are your hobbies and pursuits outside of work?

What is the focus of yourwork?

As a musician, I focus mostly on composing and performing. Currently, I am in the planning stage of a new recording project. My goal is to make it as consumer focused as possible. The majority of my research will be survey-based. My plan is to create one or more questionnaires asking potential listeners about their musical preferences. I intend to use the information I gather to create content that serves the audience in the best way possible. I’m also excited about the world premiere of my first opera! In 2018, I was commissioned by the Cincinnati Opera to compose an opera for their 100th Anniversary season in 2020. Like many other things that year, the project was postponed due to the pandemic. I am pleased to announce the new performance dates have been scheduled for July 6, 9, & 10, 2022.

My hobbies include basketball, exercising/weight-training, and dancing.

Favorite things to do in Iowa City? I’ve only been here for a short time, so I’m still learning the city. In addition to teaching, I enjoy a nice plate of French toast at the Encounter Cafe or a good meal at the Goosetown Cafe.


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