UPCOMING GRANT AND FELLOWSHIP DEADLINES: MARCH AND APRIL This is a list of selected grant and fellowship programs that have deadlines in March and April. For a more comprehensive list of active grant programs, please visit the UI Grant Bulletin.

UI Internal Programs 03/01/22 – Arts & Humanities Initiative (Office of the Vice President for Research) 03/11/22 – Injury Prevention Research Center Pilot Grant Program 04/01/22 – Provost’s Global Forum Award (International Programs) 04/01/22 – Heartland Center for Occupational Health & Safety Pilot Project Research Training Program Rolling - International Travel Awards (International Programs) (deadline last day of each month) Rolling - Special Projects Awards (International Programs) UI Limited Submission Programs 03/03/22 – NSF: Expanding Capacity in Quantum Information Science and Engineering 03/04/22 – HRSA Establish a Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs Research Network 03/08/22 – HRSA Telehealth Strategies to Maximize HIV Care

03/14/22 – CDC Drug-Free Communities Support Program 03/15/22 – Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation Grants Fall 2022 Award 04/06/22 – ALDI Smart Kids Grant Program 04/11/22 – HRSA Early Childhood Developmental Health Systems: Evidence to Impact 04/11/22 – Pew Biomedical Scholars Program 2022-2023 National Endowment for the Arts 03/10/22 – Creative Writing Fellowships 03/28/22 – Research Grants in the Arts 04/11/22 – Challenge America Grants National Endowment for the Humanities – All Grant Program Opportunities 03/02/22 – Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities 03/15/22 – Fellowships Open Book Program

04/13/22 – Fellowships 04/20/22 – NEH-Mellon Fellowships for Digital Publication 04/27/22 – Fellowships for Advanced Social Science Research on Japan National Institutes of Health – Complete list of standard due dates 03/05/22 – Research Grants (R01- renewal, resubmission, revision) 03/05/22 – Research Grants – Cooperative Agreements (U01-renewal, resubmission, revision) 03/12/22 – Research Career Development (K Series-renewal, resubmission, revision) 03/16/22 - Other Research Grants (R03, R21, R33, R21/33, R34, R36 – renewal, resubmission, revision) 04/08/22 – Individual National Research Service Awards (F Series – new, renewal, resubmission) 04/12/22 – Conference Grants and Conference Cooperative Agreements (R13, U13 – all)


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