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Make the Grade! 3 Studying Hacks for Successful Students

Are your kids already sweating exams this semester? Fear not! Combine these tips with a regular studying routine, and they’ll be set for anything their teachers assign this year. Chew On This Not all classrooms allow gum, but those that do offer students a distinct advantage. According to Scientific American, chewing gum increases the flow of oxygen to the areas of your brain responsible for attention andmemory. Your student can even coordinate gum flavors with each of their classes. Do they have a biology test coming up? Encourage your student to chew peppermint gumwhile they study and while they take the test. Their brain will associate theminty flavor with those plant cell organelles they studied for an hour the night before. Remember tomake sure your gum is always sugar-free or better yet, sugar-free sweetened with Xylitol. If you are curious why you shouldmove to sugar-free gum, just ask Dr. Taylor on your next visit! Proofread With Google Is your child trying to perfect an essay before amidnight deadline? Be sure they leave time to read their essay aloud! TomStafford,

a psychologist who studies typos at the University of Sheffield, notes that when we re- read our work, “we don’t catch every detail; we’re not like computers or NSA databases.” Your student doesn’t catch their typos because they don’t expect them! By reading their work aloud, your student can fix those typos as they come up. But why put in all the effort when they can let Google do it for them? They can simply copy and paste the essay into Google Translate and let it read the essay aloud. Hearing their work ring out in Google’s monotone speech will help themhighlight and fix thosemistakes. Get Off Facebook Is your child wasting all of their precious studying hours on social media? According to Common Sense Media’s 2015 national census survey, tweens and teens spend an average of six to nine hours on some formof media daily. Help your student learn to self-regulate with StayFocusd, a web extension available for free in the Chrome Web Store. By adding this extension to your web browser, you can limit the amount of time your child spends scrolling through Facebook andmaximize the time they spend on Google Scholar and Quizlet.

Whiter Teeth May Do More ThanYou Think Whiter teeth can boost most areas of your life

When you meet someone who’s had their teeth whitened, you may wonder, “Why do people do it? Is it only because they want to enhance their looks?” Appearance definitely plays a role in the decision to get teeth whitening, but it’s not just about being attractive for dates. There’s a lot more to it than that, including some science that suggests a broad range of benefits in the lives of people with white teeth. A 2007 study found that your smile has a direct impact on your success in social and professional interactions. In the study, researchers simulated not only dates, but also job interviews. When it came to dating, nearly 2 out of 3 participants seemed more sociable and more confident after getting their teeth whitened. About 58 percent of participants were more likely to be hired after their teeth were whitened, and 53 percent were offered a higher starting salary. They also seemed more confident and professional, which shows that whitening teeth serves as a boost to self-esteem for many people.

A separate study involved rating individuals on various attributes, such as intelligence and success. Consistently, people with damaged or decaying teeth were seen as less well-adjusted, less clever, and less successful. People with whiter teeth gave off the impression of being more attractive socially and more successful in their professional lives. Remember, this has nothing to do with who these people actually are — it’s about perception. In the first seven seconds of meeting someone, we all form a very rapid first impression, and one of the most important ways we judge people is on their smile. While a smile doesn’t invalidate the importance of body language, social skills, and personality, a whiter smile will convey a lot and get the interaction started off on a better footing. Add that to every new first impression you make, and you may be surprised how much of a difference teeth whitening can represent in your personal and professional life.

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