International 2023. Nowa Szkoła

In all medium cabinets castors can be mounted available on page 123

with doors & shelves

with drawers

with doors & shelves

NM2041 orange NM2042 green NM2043 birch NM2044 white NM2045 grey

NM2021 orange NM2022 green NM2023 birch NM2024 white NM2025 grey

NM2011 orange NM2012 green NM2013 birch NM2014 white NM2015 grey


Space for 4 deep or 8 shallow trays 2 shallow trays yese up the same space as 1 deep. The cabinets can hold various combinations trays. • different types and colours

with trays

with trays

NM4001B orange NM4002B green NM4004B white NM4005B grey

NM4001P orange NM4002P green NM4004P white NM4005P grey


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