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Tall cabinets are a good storage place for educational aids or documents. All things that you want to keep safe yet handy should go into cabinets and drawers. Books are most handy on open shelves and aids will look their best behind glass lockable doors. With height-adjustable shelves you can make the most of the cabinet space. Things intended to be accessible to all are best placed on open shelves. Those used under the supervision of a teacher should be

with shelves

NM3001 orange NM3002 green NM3003 birch NM3004 white NM3005 grey

locked behind a glass door. dim.: 92 x 45 x 176 cm (height with legs)

All cabinets sold with legs

with shelves & glass doors

with shelves & doube glass doors

with drawers & shelves

with drawers & glass doors

NM3301 orange NM3302 green NM3303 birch NM3304 white NM3305 grey

NM3331 orange NM3332 green NM3333 birch NM3334 white NM3335 grey

NM3021 orange NM3022 green NM3023 birch NM3024 white NM3025 grey

NM3321 orange NM3322 green NM3323 birch NM3324 white NM3325 grey


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