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TREASURE ISLAND The basic module can be equipped with accessories (sold separately). The bays can hold shelves or trays. Optional doors (in 4 colours) can be mounted on wide-angle hinges. Another useful accessory is a city road play mat (on which to construct houses and drive toy cars)

• small island dim: 83 x 83 x 53 cm (with castors); top 76 x 76 cm, 4 castors with brakes; • maxi island dim.: 124 x 83 x 53 cm (with castors); top 76 x 117 cm, 5 castors with brakes

All elements sold separately

4 types of trays; alternatively shelves

basic module always in birch

top for chemical and biological accessories

rounded corners

large play area top 76 x 76 cm (optional mat HK0007)

doors in 4 colours; wide angle hinges (270°)

4 castors with brake

4 castors with brakes included

trays sold separately

Science Cart NM4033

Treasure Island NS2409 • basic module for configurations; • birch finish; • 4 castors with brakes

Experiments require accessories. This unit will hold them all in trays. Transportation is easy - just grab the handles and move the cart to its destination. • dim.: 68,5 x 45 x 88 cm; • will hold 6 large or 12 small trays (sold separately); • castors with brakes


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