International 2023. Nowa Szkoła


Train. A chain of storage units imitating a train (engine + carriages). Its length is limited only by the size of the room. The fancy shapes and multicoloured finish turn the room into a fantasy world. A very functional set which provides a lot of space for display and storage. The cupboards are made of white laminate. The doors, drawers applications in delicate pastel colours add liveliness to the whole interior.

BODY: board: chipboard colour: white

DOORS: type: opened board: chipboard surface: smooth colours:

thickness: 18 mm base: board

thickness: 12 mm type of handle: wooden

ADD-ONS: board: MDF surface: smooth thickness: 12 mm colours:

DRAWERS: board: chipboard / MDF front colours:

SHELVES: board: chipboard thickness: 18 mm colour: white


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