International 2023. Nowa Szkoła

Dear Clients, For 30 years nowa szkoła has been taking care of children’s development by creating a safe space for education. Thanks to our experience, we can cater for the needs of students and teachers in an ever-changing reality. Our products combine modern design with high standards while the team of experienced designers, trusted suppliers and innovative manufacturing solutions guarantee high quality of our products as well as services. International certificates and compliance of products with regulations attest to our high standards. Inside the catalogue, you will find our usual offer with a special addition of carefully selected novelties for 2023: FURNITURE including 15 collections: Minty, Fantasy (Forest, Jungle, Farm, Royal, Wave), Pastel & Rainbow, Cubo, Fresh, Prima, Classical, Modern, Exclusive, Train, as well as chairs, tables and desks, cloakrooms, soft seats, equipment for cloakrooms and bathrooms. REHABILITATION & ACTIVITY PLAY which consist of foam shapes, soft rockers, mattresses, dry pools, sensory aids, gym equipment for active play or rehabilitation. EDUCATION in the form of teaching aids, which especially teachers of mathematics, geography, biology, chemistry, physics, ICT, arts & crafts will appreciate. In this category, you will also see educational accessories as well as toys promoting the development of the little ones. We hope that the selection will be a source of inspiration and we will be happy to assist you in building a wide offer for your customers. nowa s zkoł a team

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