International 2023. Nowa Szkoła

CUTLERY NURSERY A cutlery kit for toddlers with an engraving of a lamb and the Nowa Szkola logo. The shapes and sizes of the tools are suitablefor little hands. This kit is a perfect addition to the nursery dining rooms. • 1 pc; lgth. 12,5 cm; material: stainless steel

Melamine Bowl NS9099 • dishwasher-safe; vol. 5l, D 302 mm, H 130 mm;

Toddler spoon NS9157

Toddler fork NS9159

Toddler knife NS9158


Melamine Bowl NS9098 • dishwasher-safe; vol. 5l, D 254 mm, H 124 mm;

Spoon NS9155 • 18,5 cm

Fork NS9135 • 17,2 cm

Tea spoon NS9095 • 13,5 cm

Knife NS9145 • 19,0 cm


Melamine Tray NS9097

The tray has moulded edges which makes carrying meals easier and prevents objects from sliding off. Made of hygienic and durable melamine and natural bamboo fibre. Water- , light- and temperature-resistant from -10°C to + 70°C. Dishwasher-safe. • materials: 100% melamine, bamboo fibre

Tea spoon NS9096 • 13,5 cm

Spoon NS9156 • 20,4 cm

Fork NS9136 • 20,7 cm

Knife NS9146 • 22,9 cm

BIBS Baby bib • 19,5 x 30 cm; • collar 25 cm; • snap fastener Blue NS2649 Pink NS2650


Waterproof bib. Pastel BT0019

which can collect pieces of food. The bib is also easy to clean and doesn’t take a lot of space when folded. Thanks to these features, it can be used during trips or when travelling. • dim.: 27,5 x 22,5 cm; • material: synthetic fabric; age: 1+

Menu tapestry NS1604 • dim.: 83 x 50 cm

Pastel bib made of soft, light fabric. It effectively protects the child’s clothes from getting dirty. Regulated fastener facilitates the process of putting the bib on and off. It is additionally equipped with a big pocket


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