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Soft play elements ideal for gymnastics, active play as well as rehabilitation. We use high resilience foam in mattresses, seats, gym or play corners, hideouts, or therapy aids. Thanks to its plasticity, high resilience, and lightness, the products are easy to carry, safe and exceptionally functional while the phthalate-free PVC fabric resistant to abrasion makes the maintenance worry-free.

Large cylinder NS0101 • L 120 cm, ø 30 cm

Mini high-density cylinder NS0145 • L 60 cm, ø 15 cm • made of higher-density foam

Cylinder maxi NS0105 • L 60 cm, ø 60 cm

Mini cylinder NS0229 • L 60 cm, ø 15 cm

Large cylinder NS0230 • L 60 cm, ø 20 cm

Medium cylinder NS0455 • L 90 cm; ø 30 cm

Short cylinder NS0456 • L 30 cm; ø 30 cm

Small cylinder NS0228 • L 60 cm, ø 10 cm

rehabilitation & activity play


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