International 2023. Nowa Szkoła

SENSORY PATH Sensory panels in the form of puzzles. Each piece has a different texture stimulating the proprioceptive sense. They can be combined to create a sensory path. • dim. of a single panel: 30 x 30 cm • material: plastic • age: 2+

Sunny garden OT3004 • 6 pcs

Nature OT3003 • 8 pcs

Soft sensory paths UT0029

Sensory path with the texture in the form of small irregular stones. Two-coloured, resilient, and light panels which can be easily connected thanks to the holes and snap rivets located at the edges of each element. The set allows children to develop sensory integration, it massages the feet and helps to correct flatfeet.

• 10 pcs: 5 green elements, 5 blue elements; • dim. of the panel: 39 x 29 cm; • material: thermoplastic rubber – TPR; • age: 3+

Sensory flat shapes. Big and small. Set UT0022

Sensory mats for therapy or playtime in five shapes and two sizes. All big shapes have smaller round counterparts in the same colour and with the same texture. Each pair is characterised by a different pattern in order to stimulate the sense of touch of the hands and feet. They are made of durable but nice to touch material. • 10 pcs: 5 small shapes with the diam.: 10 cm, 5 big shapes with the diam.: 24 cm; • material: silicone; age: 1+


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