International 2023. Nowa Szkoła



Crab desk NS2870 • dim.: 120 x 51 x 76,5 cm


Jellyfish. Wall shelf NS2877 • dim.: 46 x 16 cm


Wave. Fantasy polyamide carpet MU0003 Big carpet “Wave” perfect for nurseries and kindergartens. This product will complement any interior as well as create space for relaxation or playtime.

Wave. Manipulative board NS9091 • manipulation board, sea themed; • it is equipped with 2 movable elements,

2 elements with texture, 1 mirror, 3 Velcro elements and 1 plexi rotating element; • the board is made of MDF board with a print; • dim.: 130 x 79 cm

The fabric is resistant to abrasion. It also has anti-microbial and anti-mould properties. The carpet is easy to clean. • colours do not fade; • fabric: polyamide yarn; • dim.: 400 x 300 cm


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