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Pink tower AO2007

Brown stairs AO2010

Long bars AO0001

This aid helps to introduce the concepts of: big-bigger-the biggest, small-smaller- the smallest, bigger than … It also develops motor skills, coordinates movements, shapes the concept of order. • 10 wooden blocks in pink; • the size changes three-dimensionally, i.e. the smallest cube is 1 cm wide and the largest 10 cm

Simultaneous change of two dim and weight. Correlation and concepts: thick - thin, thick - thicker - the thickest, thin - thinnest - the thinnest. • 10 cuboids blocks with a height of 20 cm; • made of solid brown varnished wood; • subsequent blocks differ in the size of their base: the smallest 1 x 1 cm, the biggest 10 x 10 cm

Concepts of the difference in length and size of objects (long - longer - the longest, short - shorter - the shortest). • 10 red cubic balks of different lengths; • the length increases by 10 cm (from 10 cm to 1 m) respectively simultaneously with the weight of each balk; • size.: 25 x 100 x 2,5 cm

and muscle-motor coordination, but also acquire and perfect the ability to distinguish the weight with their hands. They are also introduced to the terms related to the concept of weight: heavy - light, gradation of these terms, heavier than ..., lighter than … • 30 elements in 3 boxes:

Baric tablets AO2009

Set of 3 boxes with lids, in each box there are10 wooden boards. The board sets are in different colours and they also differ in weight. The colour of the boards suggests their weight. Dark - heavy, brighter - lighter, brightest – lightest. By using these boards, children not only develop concentration

• meas. of the board: 6 x 0,5 x 8 cm; • meas. of the box: 13 x 13 x 7cm; • material: wood; age: 3+



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