International 2023. Nowa Szkoła

Puzzle map of the world. Continents. Two hemispheres AO2041 The map of the world in the form of puzzles helps to enrich the geographical knowledge concerning the continents, their names and location on the globe. It consists of a frame with 2 circles representing the hemispheres - Western and Eastern. On each of them, we can see 7 continents properly distributed. • 9 pcs; meas. of the frame: 29 x 2 x 40 cm; material: wood; age: 5+

The puzzle map of Europe AO6011 Map presenting Europe with countries marked with colours. Through play, the child discovers the location of countries.

The Land and Water Globe AO6001

Water is marked with blue and its surface is smooth while the land is made of rough material. Through tactile experiences and visual perception, children learn that the Earth is spherical, and that there is water and land on it. The globe is removable and children can rotate it in their hands.

Flags of the European countries AO2044

Globe with continents AO6002

The set of flags of selected European countries. Each symbol of a given country is made of a silky material placed on a wooden shaft, with a smooth, aesthetic cap. This set consists of a base with spaces for 23 flags and of two round bases used during the individual presentation of flags. When combined with a map, this set facilitates learning about chosen countries. • 23 flags, meas. of the pennant: 14 x 10 cm, shaft with the length of: 27,5 cm; 1 base for the flags, • dim.: 51 x 8,5 x 3 cm; 2 round bases with the dia. of: 7 cm; material: silk, wood; age: 4+

The continents are marked with different colours while the waters with blue colour. The child learns the name and size of every continent. The globe is removable and the child can rotate it in their hands. • dim.: 54, ø 24 cm



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