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Time for English is a set of educational materials for teaching English to 3-8 year old children. Its innovative character is provided by its unique combination of specially selected ‘language teaching tools’ such as multi-sensory toys, educational aids, audio materials, and songs with sets of instructions for teachers to guide them through the process of organizing lively, game-packed and involving English language teaching activities. The educational aids and audio materials have been specially designed to provide a rich variety of tasks built

around selected topics, selected vocabulary and associated structures. This approach ensures the compatibility of all of the materials and guarantees great results: the children play, are fully involved in activities, respond spontaneously AND learn English at the same time. The whole set contains over 120 games and activities making use of the Time for English educational aids. The Time for English set has been tested in preschools and early year primary school and has been proven to be very successful with groups of different sizes.



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