International 2023. Nowa Szkoła


Series of large Nowa Szkola wall maps showing all continents separately and map of the world. High quality of printing provides great transparency. Maps show in a clear way: Current territories of countries are marked in colours as well as problematic territories, capitals and larger cities • natural biosphere of the Earth (rain forest, deciduous forest, taiga, tundra, mountain areas, ice-sheets, savannas, deserts, coral atolls), agricultural and pastoral areas • physical map include various photographs showing characteristic landscapes and natural wonders.

• political maps are provided with a description of the state: flag, emblem, official language, capital, political system, area population, monetary unit converted into PLN, dominant religion, time zone, internet domain, codes (car, airplane, phone), GDP per person and credit rating of its current economic situation, and data on personal security threats in public places. If you are interested in having one of our maps, please contact us. We will prepare an individual version of the map in the chosen language. Or on special request we will provide a map in the language of your choice.

World. Physical Map NS8337 • size: 170 x 15,0 cm, scale on the equator is about 1 : 20 000 000

World. Political Map NS8347 • size: 170 x 1,0 cm, scale on the equator is about 1 : 20 000 000


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