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Minerals set QH0039 • 42 pcs; • in a plastic box

Set for testing minerals NS6142

rock masses and tips for recognizing them. Thanks to this, students can take it out in the field and study the minerals themselves. • 7 pcs: metal nail, 7 cm long, white ceramic tile, black ceramic tile, glass tile, neodymium magnet, magnifier, bottle with a dropper, 30 ml; • age: 8+

This set contains the tools which help to conduct tests to determine the key properties of minerals. They allow the students to assess the hardness, striation, lustre and magnetism. The set also includes necessary information about


Anemometer (digital) HG0004 An instrument for measuring the direction and strength of wind. • measurement range: 0 - 30 m/s; • size: 40 x 10 x 10 cm

Hydrological cycle model VO5864 • set includes: a plastic container with a 3D terrain model, a cover, a prop, a cloud, instruction manual; • size: 41,4 x 30 x 16 cm

Thermometer QH0003 A thermometer for fluids and solids. • temperature range: -50 – 1200 ° C

Rain Guage IV8405

Precise measurement of precipitation. Scale in millimetres. Lid for safe transportation. • size: 16 x 8 cm



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