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Electricity. The Science Suitcase with worksheets and lesson scenarios NS6117

4 lesson scenarios


The contents of this suitcase help to conducting basic experiments in the field of electricity. Students have the possibility to construct electrical circuits; and test conductivity of various materials. The set also permits to demonstrate the transfer of electric charges and compare the electrostatic properties of bodies. Additionally, lesson scenarios and worksheets were added to facilitate the use of this set. • electric bell with wires; • fruit powered generator; manual generator; • wires with banana plugs; • a piece of fur; • 2 x rubber sticks; silk; 2 x glass sticks, an electrical device responding to the human body; electric heater; crocodile clips with banana plugs; tiles made of: copper, iron, aluminium, plastic, wood, rubber; bulb holder, electric circuit test button; connection sockets; battery case; 3 switches; 2 x batteries; lightbulb; swivel bracket; • 4 lesson scenarios;

Lesson Plan 1. Electrification of bodies

Course of the lesson

Introductory phase: 1. Organisational activities. 2. The teacher presents the subject of the lesson to the students. 3. Then, the teacher asks the following question:

4. The teacher explains that the lightning during a storm is formed in a similar way, when the drops of water move perpendicularly inside the cloud. The friction causes the electrification of the cloud, where in certain parts of the cloud, there is an excess of positive or negative loads. Then, the loads start to flow on the line cloud – cloud, a part of the cloud – a part of the cloud or cloud – Earth. That’s when lightings are visible. 5. The teacher hands out balloons to the students and asks them to blow them. After that, the teacher tells the students to rubbing them on their hair or wool sweater. The students experience the electrification of bodies by friction. 6. Later, the students, with the help of all available sources of information write down a note in their notebooks on the subject of electrification by friction. 7. Afterwards, the teacher moves on to the next part of the lesson concerning the electrification of bodies by touch. The phenomenon, which occurs when an electrically charged body comes into contact with a non-electrified body and the loads move from one body to another, making both bodies charged with the same load, is explained to the students. 8. The teacher explains that the bodies can also be electrified by induction. This phenomenon occurs when one charged body comes near a different body. The teacher asks the students to try to describe how the loads will act during the process of electrification by induction, making sure their answers are correct. 9. In the next part of the lesson, the teacher asks the student to sit in a circle and lays out the worksheets with the Experiment no 1 in the middle. Two volunteers are also chosen to conduct the experiment.

Have you encountered in everyday life the phenomenon of the electrification of bodies?

Implementation phase: 1. The students have a discussion in order to answer the question asked by the teacher. Expected answers include : static hair during brushing, rubbing a balloon on the wool sweater , touching somebody. 2. The teacher explains that bodies can by electrified by: friction touch induction

3. The teacher describes the effect of static hair achieved by friction:

During brushing of the hair, the electrons from one body move to another, which are electri - fied with charges of opposite signs. The hair have a load of one type, and as a result they repel each other, while the brush charged with the opposite load, attracts them .


NS 6117

Doświadczenie 4 Przygotuj: Experiment 4 Prepare:

cytryny lemons

bateria owocowa fruit battery

• 24 worksheets, dim.: 11,5 x 11,5 cm; • dim. of the suitcase: 55 x 15,5 x 46 cm; • age: 8+

24 worksheets

4 lesson scenarios

Optics. The Science Suitcase with worksheets and lesson scenarios NS6118

Professional set for young explorers of the light’s nature and basic issues in optics. The proposed experiments show the laws concerning the emission of light, its propagation and interaction with matter. The substantive materials for the teacher and students help to use the set. • 4 lenses; convex mirror, concave mirror, a laser; • 3 x flange; • battery; • candlestick, candle, battery case; laser stand, plastic graduated container, charger, wires with ends, optical bench, white screen bracket, base; flash light, white screen, mirror on plastic stands; solids (sphere, cylinder, pyramid, regular pyramid, cone, cuboid); • 4 lesson scenarios; • 4 worksheets, dim.: 11,5 x 11,5 cm; • dim. of the suitcase: 55 x 15,5 x 46 cm; • age: 6+

NS 6118

Doświadczenie 8 Przygotuj: Experiment 8 Prepare:

świecznik candle holder

uchwyt do ekranu screen holder

biały ekran white screen

soczewka wypukła convex lens

ława optyczna optical bench

24 worksheets


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