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and learning. The canopies are available in six colours and three sizes and can be attached to all Cubo units.

Canopies combining functionality and style for the Cubo line furniture. They are perfect for designing interesting and practical interiors which encourage fun

Canopies are suitable only for basic units


• canopy, dim.: 39 x 40 x 19,6 cm; • type: add-on; • available in grey, white, lime, teal, yellow, rosy colours; • 18 mm thick

NC6112 NC6113 NC6114 NC6115 NC6116 NC6117


• canopy with 1 niche; • dim.: 76 x 40 x 38 cm; • type: add-on; it is made of grey, white, lime, teal, yellow, rosy chipboard; • 18 mm thick

NC6212 NC6213 NC6214 NC6215 NC6216 NC6217


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