International 2023. Nowa Szkoła

Bear 16 cm NS2037

Bear 24 cm NS2038

Bear 27 cm NS2039

Bear 32 cm NS2040

Teddy bear set - family NS2041 • 4 pcs: 16, 24, 27 and 32 cm

Sensory Frog NS2055

Cuddly Dog NS2056

A sitting soft frog with peas hidden in its toes and trunk. The peas add to the weight and provide sensations which

A cuddly toy for the youngest. A piece of soft fabric with a dog’s head for playing

and cuddling • dim: 34 x 30 cm • age: 0+

stimulate touch. • H 15 cm; age: 6 m+

Raccoon NS2058

Bunny Rabbit NS2059

The contrasting black and white attract the eye and the thin paws and the soft tail make grasping easy. • H 26 cm • age: 6 m+

A large and soft plush bunny rabbit. Its long ears invite the child to grasp them and its soft belly can easily serve as a pillow. • H 50 cm; age: 6 m+


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