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Lessons Learned How Tish Johnson Knows It All

My name’s Gracie. I’m a Great Dane who lives with Tish Johnson, along with two other dogs and three cats. It can get crazy at our house, but Tish and her husband are both huge animal lovers, so we’re in good hands.

When Tish first started working at the clinic, she came in just knowing the basics of how to take care of her pets at home. Tish says she went to the school of hard knocks.

I’m a big mama’s girl, and I love getting to visit Leonard Animal Clinic where Tish works. I get to be the center of attention and meet so many cool people and animals. I love cats and small animals, but they seem to get nervous about my height, so I get down on my belly when I play with them. While I’m playing, Tish is busy helping to take care of all the animals. Tish’s official title is veterinary technician, but she’s also the kennel superintendent, a lab tech, and jumps in as a receptionist from time to time. Leonard is where Tish started, and she’s never wanted to

There were a lot of growing pains as Tish soaked up every new lesson. Then one day, she knew what was going on. She knew what her doctor needed and could get it ready before they even asked. It was a triumphant moment. Tish started in the kennel and worked her way up to the role she’s in today. She hasn’t stopped learning, but Tish is able to help all the clients and patients who come into the clinic get the care they need. Tish is truly passionate about the work she does. For Tish, a pet is never just a dog or just a cat. Pets are not disposable, and it really tears her up to see an animal abandoned by the family who they thought would take care of them. She watches so many animals come in as babies and loves them as much as their owners do. She’s there for every good memory and to offer a hug and a cry when a beloved pet passes on. Even though things can be rough — no pun intended — Tish says she looks forward to getting up and coming to work every day because she enjoys the excitement and loves all the animals. As a dog, I wake up every morning looking forward to my day, so I’m glad to know my favorite person gets to do the same thing! -Gracie

“Tish has been at the clinic for 17 years, and she’s often said she wishes she’d started sooner!”

leave. Tish has been at the clinic for 17 years, and she’s often said she wishes she’d started sooner! Before she started working at Leonard, Tish was busy raising her own kids as a full-time mom. It wasn’t until she was an empty nester that Tish got into the veterinary field. She was in her 40s at the time — that’s like 300 in dog years!


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