Biola Broadcaster - 1964-07


hidden wealth

by Dr. Ralph L. Keiper

T here are several problems which keep us from radiating spiritual beauty in our lives. One specifically is worrying about poverty. No one de­ lights in being “pinched” or expe­ riencing poverty. If a person gets to the point where he loves money he will usually .misuse it. There is no virtue in being poor nor is there any spe­ cial spiritual blessing in being rich. Money can do a lot, however, there are some things it will never be able to accomplish. It can never bring, by itself, true beauty. I visited the home of a wealthy friend and coming up the driveway noted their three beautiful Cadillacs. We happen to drive a pre-’60 “Chevy.” After dinner we went out for a drive in their limousine and as we were driving along I noted that the gas gauge registered empty. Being made aware of that fact, my host con­ tinued to pass one gas station after another and when asked why he kept going, he simply replied, “I’m looking for a place with green stamps.” “Yes,” I said, “but you may be pushing this thing if you don’t stop, stamps or no stamps.” “That’s okay,” he respond­ ed jovially, “the stamps are worth it; we need them.” Too bad, with all that wealth, and then to worry over a few

green stamps. How tragic to have money and yet to be poverty stricken. But an even sadder state is to find people who are bankrupt spiritually. By coming to the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour you will be able to com­ pute your riches more accurately and to see that you actually have vast wealth in things that never deterior­ ate. This wealth can bring you phys­ ical, social and even financial bless­ ing. For example, in Ephesians 1 :7 we read, “In whom we have redemp­ tion through His blood, the forgive­ ness of sins, according to the riches of his grace.” Notice the word “riches,” which can also be translated “wealth.” You may say, “Why I’ve heard that verse a thousand times. What’s new about it?” This wealth which God be­ stows, enables us to be looked upon favorably by the Lord. This is not simply because it pleases Him to favor us. The yardstick is not our poverty, but rather it is His wealth. Dr. Don­ ald Grey Barnhouse and I once visited Yellowstone National Park. There are many beautiful things to see in this wonderland of nature. Since I have limited vision I depended upon his eyes most of the time. He would de­ scribe the marvelous things which could be seen. He would carefully read all the various signs to me. You 3

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