Connected September 2015


LOVE IN THE DISH ROOM A “steamy” dishroom romance? All kidding aside, when two new hires were brought on board at Germantown Methodist Hospital in Germantown, TN , to work in the dishroom in June a year ago, love was in the air. In a March ceremony, Anjanette Walton and Herbert Bryant were wed! And as love grows, so do we: Herbert is now Dining On Call Cook, and Anjanette has become Dishroom Trainer.

“BEST” GIFT SHOP A recent public survey held by McDowell News found McDowell Hospital Branches Gift Shop of

“TIL THE COWS CAME HOME” The Chick-fil-A Cow was promoting his “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign when he visited sick youngsters at Children’s Hospital, Navicent Health, in Macon, GA . An upgrad- ed, “Heritage Design” Chick-fil-A restaurant held its grand opening ceremony at the hospital August 27, managed by Morrison Healthcare. The loveable mascot, sent by our partners at Chick-fil-A, was an instant suc- cess, spreading cheer and wonder as he made his rounds. Navicent Health’s Child Life

Marion, NC , best in this category for the county, alongside the hospital’s fellow honorees Best Nurse and Surgeon winners! “OK, I admit to not having a lot of competition but Woo Hoo!!!” chortles Trish Takacs, Retail Specialist at the shop’s helm, who speculated that having a wide range of local items, produce, and cot- tage-made crafts, might have helped.

team, formed to help their little patients and their families reduce hospital-related anxieties, were thrilled to work with the Cow. A big thank you goes out to our partners at Chick-fil-A and Marketing Director Ashley Cromartie for helping to spread some sunshine.

Pictured Trish Takacs and shop volunteer Bruce Beam

WELCOMING A NEW U.S. CITIZEN Congratulations are in order for Magally Williams , who recently undertook the rites of passage toward becoming a U.S. Citizen, and received full naturalization on August 27. Take time to welcome Magally,

who is an associate at the HTS Technical Resource Center, Mooresville, NC . In case you are interested in this process, take a moment to read about the “10 Steps to Naturalization” found on this U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services webpage.

From L: Starr Purdue, Chairman Navicent Health Board; Dr. Ninfa M. Saunders, FACHE, President & CEO Navicent Health; Kurt Resner, Division President of Compass; Steven Franklin, Operator; and Keith Metcalf, Manager of Licensing Operations

SO LONG, CLAMSHELLS! Aligning with our corporate efforts in sustainability, these light-hearted videos take on a timely topic, one that all of Compass One can relate to: packaging waste reduction. Did you know that EPS containers like “clam- shells” are the number one solid pollutant in our Earth’s waters? Watch all three videos and consider how you are making a difference, while chuckling!


August/September 2015

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