Connected September 2015


Compass One-Healthcare values the breadth of perspectives, cultural backgrounds, and skills that contribute to our success. Connected will be celebrating our “differences” by featuring answers from a variety of our people in “The View” each month.

The View

The funniest looking car is the ____.

Worst cell phone ring ever: ______

The last time I laughed, it was because: _______.

If I was forced to perform on America’s Got Talent , I would have to ______.

If I was caught in a “Sharknado,” I would ____.

During the Dog Days of Summer, I like to: _______. Temperature Reference: ___ degrees.

Jump in the lake. 98°

Go fishing.

Run for the hills!

My son was being goofy.

Star Wars theme song

AMC Pacer or Gremlin…it’s a toss up

Mike Barner SVP, Crothall Laundry Div


Smart Car

My child pointed at me…and laughed.

Go fishing.

Cook BBQ while juggling knives!

Ride my motorcycle. °: Baste

Brandon Cope Morrison Health- care Chef, Swain Regional Hospital Cheryl Luckett Director of Inclusion, Compass Group Pete McQuiston Morrison Health- care Director, FANS, Swain Regional Hospital Jodi Nixon Senior Purchasing Manager, Crothall HTS, Technical Resource Center

Mercedes Smart Car

Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back”

Roller Skate!

Me, perform- ing on American’s Got Talent!

Find a storm shelter and take cover.

Stay in the AC as much as possible! 95°

The amphibi- ous duck car tours - coolest cars!

Whitewater paddle °: Bake

Hang on for the ride!

Hip hop dance.

My cat was watching TV.

Fire Alarm (I always think its a real drill)

The real little ones that look like a high top tennis shoe.

“Old Tele- phone”... soooo annoying!

Pretend I was dead

Twirl my baton.

I did or said something stupid. (I laugh a lot.)

Sitting on the deck under an umbrella with a fan blowing on me and a large glass of very cold fresh lemonade. 85+° Have a fully stocked freezer of ice cream bars! 90+° Sit in the shade and watch the wildlife eating apples in the yard. 88°

Nissan Cube – what is that?

Any ring you hear in a movie theatre!

Listening to my kids telling knock-knock jokes.

Pretend I know how to sing…then get voted off the stage.

Grab a fishing pole and a big net!

John Pham RRM Crothall PT, OU Medical Center

Smart Car, looks like a tennis shoe

The “If you think I’m sexy, and you want my body...” song.

Tell a joke.

My 12-lb. cat was trying to stalk a young doe.

Develop a “Shark- Mobile”, kind of like the Pope-Mobile

Trish Takacs Morrison Health- care Retail Specialist, McDowell Hospital Branches Gift Shop


August/September 2015

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