Connected September 2015


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As our journey of Compass One-Healthcare collaboration continues, Morrison and Crothall have shared another best practice: our Positive Impressions platform. In our feature article, you’ll see that Morrison’s launch and implementation of the initiative has been “Positively Impressive.”

care process. As a result, VP of Nutrition and Wellness Peggy O’Neill and her team now have a method of coding malnutrition to improve reimbursement by the CMS. Finally, we want to give a special welcome to the team from Modern Medical (MMS), our newest members of Crothall Healthcare Technology Solutions, who joined us in early August. You’ll find that they bring a lot to the table and are already generating new business for the HTS portfolio. I hope you enjoy, as I did, all of the great stories and amazing accomplishments of our people. As the fiscal year comes to an end, I want you to know that I am expecting extraordinary results for our first year as Compass One-Healthcare. I know it is your hard work, your sacrifice, and your faith that have made this possible, and I am so grateful. Best wishes,

I can see by the numbers that we are successfully “pushing the needle” with completing Appreciating Differences training. People are genuinely surprised that Inclusion is “The full engagement and development of our people.” What could be more important for us to achieve as leaders for Compass One- Healthcare? In our spotlight article, we review important lessons from the course, and I think you’ll agree that Inclusion is the cornerstone of our culture. “Safety in Numbers” is a timely topic for all of us, and I want to personally underscore how very important Safety practices are as a Value, a cultural belief, and as a benefit to our people. Our Risk Management Team has done an incredible job raising awareness and giving this topic the respect it deserves, and I love the innovative ways they have found to get us all “in the game.” Morrison Healthcare has a great story about how our Clinical Dietitians discovered a new way to increase reimbursements for our hospitals by championing the necessity of their services in the


Bobby Kutteh CEO Compass One - Healthcare



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