Report to the Nation 2011

NEW APPROACHES TO FURTHER HELP ELIMINATE DRUNK DRIVING In the last five years, MADD has witnessed the success of additional approaches to eliminate drunk driving. States have utilized several highly effective countermeasures to protect the motoring public. We, therefore, ask all states to implement the following drunk driving countermeasures:


Judges, prosecutors, law enforcement, DMVs, probation officers, parole officers and others must work together in order to protect the public from drunk drivers. Coordinating this effort can be an overwhelming task. While New Mexico used ignition interlocks as its centerpiece in reducing drunk driving fatalities by 36 percent, it also appointed a central DUI coordinator (known in New Mexico as the DWI Czar) to coordinate its drunk driving efforts. The coordinator’s role was to promote collaboration and coordination of anti-DWI efforts across the state government, coordinate sobriety checkpoint DUI COORDINATOR

crackdowns (known in New Mexico as Super- Blitzes) and work with law enforcement and courts to utilize all available tools to stop drunk drivers. MADD calls on all states to appoint statewide DUI coordinators to ensure that state agencies work together to share scarce resources and stop drunk drivers.


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