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A Golden Opportunity in Your Golden Years

3 TIPS FOR CHANGING CAREERS LATER IN LIFE will only hinder your ability to find a job you actually love. Instead, take a deep breath and be open to what comes. You may discover a hidden talent or passion! Forget the Money Money matters, but it shouldn’t be your first priority on the job hunt. Instead, consider what’s going to make you the happiest. What’s your dream job? What have you always enjoyed doing? If money wasn’t an option, what would you be doing right now instead of counting down the hours to 5 p.m.? Be realistic in your goals and find something you love. Seek Guidance Remember, you’re not alone in this fight! Plenty of people switch careers midway through their lives to focus on something they really enjoy. Seek guidance from those who have had a similar experience and look to professional job hunters or consultants for help. Furthermore, after years in the same job or industry, you’re bound to have made a few connections. Reach out for professional support. Regardless of what path you choose, remember that a career you enjoy is always possible. We can’t promise that you’ll love getting up at 6 a.m., but at least you won’t dread what comes next.

It’s 6 a.m. onMonday morning, and your alarm clock blares in your face. You groan and, with the thought of another week looming over you, pull yourself out of bed. But the early wake-up call is the least of your worries. Another week has begun, and you’re still stuck in a job that you no longer love or maybe never did.

Does this sound familiar? If so, you may believe changing careers isn’t worth the hassle, especially if you’re close to retirement, but here’s the secret: It’s not too late! There’s nothing stopping you from finding a career you love later in life. Here are three tips to get you started. Be Flexible If it’s been a while since you’ve hunted for a job, then you may have forgotten what it’s like. Job searching can be exhausting, and some job requirements can look overwhelming. But getting stuck in your ways and focusing on the things you cannot do W ith the arrival of spring comes the annual tradition of spring-cleaning. You clean out your home and organize your garage — at least, you try to. But with all the tidying up, are you also “spring-cleaning” your finances? Cleaning up your finances every year is just as important as organizing your home. It’s an excellent way to assess your financial well-being and determine if you need to make any changes to your portfolio or to any accounts you may have. Here are a few steps you can take to clean up your finances. Review Your Portfolio Do you know what investments, stocks, or other funds are in your portfolio? While it’s not always productive to keep a constant eye on your portfolio, looking through it at least once or twice a year will help keep you informed of your current investment strategy. You may have stocks that aren’t serving any purpose, or you may want to bring in something new. Address Unused Accounts Do you have accounts you’re no longer using, old statements you don’t need anymore, or money you can consolidate into current accounts? If you are sitting on

old, unused accounts, consider closing them. If you have old

statements, shred them. And if it’s

feasible, move money from older, lesser used, or unused accounts into more current ones. Dust Off Old Annuities

Do you have an annuity you no longer want and aren’t sure what to do with? If you’ve had it for more than 10 years, you can choose to surrender it with no surrender fee. There are a number of options available, like cashing out or coming up with a new plan for an old annuity. Ensure Your Estate Is Up to Date Review wills, trusts, and other estate documents you may have. Check up on executors, heirs, and beneficiaries — anyone who may be listed in your estate documents — and make sure everything is up to date and to your satisfaction. As families change and grow, it’s important to update these documents to reflect your current situation.

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