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MY PURSUIT OF LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD Making Sure Regular People Get a Fair Shake

a good outcome for one of our deserving clients. There are very few trials where we don’t spend at least $100,000 on behalf of our client. If we believe in the case, we’ll spend the kind of money to level the playing field even further and give our clients the best opportunity for success. Most people going into law school have the same ideals as I did — they want to help people and provide justice where justice is missing. But once they leave law school, they often lose sight of those ideals because they get focused on finding a job, having a family — you know, life. We at Russell & Lazarus never lose sight of why we do what we do; not only because it is the right thing to do by our clients, but also because if we lose focus and the case, we don’t get paid, because our consumer-friendly contract only allows us to be paid if our clients get compensated. Talk about a true partnership! seriously injured who needs help obtaining fair compensation. I see on a daily basis how large corporations attempt to control people’s lives because they have the money to do so. They attempt to overwhelm the “little people” with their might. It really is the classic David and Goliath tale — and I love being on David’s side! The bottom line is that we here at Russell & Lazarus are advocates for anyone

case, most often it involves a big, powerful insurance company on one side and our “everyday people” clients on the other side. A multibillion-dollar insurance company has all the assets in the world to fight anyone they want to fight. But in many of our clients’ cases, the outcome is the same as David and Goliath’s. In order to beat Goliath, it is important to work harder, smarter, and most importantly, for a client who you believe in. That is our secret sauce that allows us to prevail, since we know the attorneys on the other side will never have the same passion that we do when working for a faceless, wealthy insurance company. Sometimes the odds against us are astronomical, but that’s the beauty of going into court with the A-plus courtroom skill set that we possess — it levels the playing field. That level playing field allows us to prevail even if the other side outspends us, as they often do. Trying a case can cost a ton of money. In fact, I tell my friends and family that if they’re going to hire an attorney for any area of law, they should shy away from solo practitioners or smaller firms. They just don’t have the time or resources to fight the fight that needs to be fought. As a law firm of six attorneys and 23 total team members, we at Russell & Lazarus can fight the good fight and match the resources of the other side. In the past, we have spent as much as half of a million dollars to get

I became an attorney because I saw the opportunities attorneys have to impact people’s lives in a positive way. As a kid, I didn’t know anyone who was an attorney, but I wanted to be part of that helping club. I went into the field thinking that I could have that positive impact on people and bring some balance to areas of law where it was needed on behalf of normal people. I knew instinctively that there’s always going to be a playing field that’s not level when money and power are involved. I came from fairly humble beginnings; I grew up in a family of eight in a 1,100-square-foot house in Bellflower, California, with one up- to-code bathroom. My dad was a sergeant in the army and then a clerk for the local school district and my mom was a stay-at- home mom. You could say that my family was on the powerless side of things, and I had firsthand knowledge of how people are taken advantage of because of that. Handling serious personal injury claims on behalf of those injured is an area of law that fits into my personal philosophy that justice should be fair, even if life isn’t. Providing our clients with a fair chance to prevail (and then prevailing) is exactly what we accomplish on most claims. When my team is handling a

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