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Newsletter June 2016

President’s Message

research funding from the ASO. I have, however, been somewhat surprised that all Postgraduates have not availed themselves of the free WFO Membership and then subsequent AAO Membership as this gives then access to excellent online learning facilities. The free WFO Student Membership is due to cease in October this year, so Postgraduates need to act soon to take this up. You may have seen the Keep Left presentation at the Melbourne Congress (a YouTube video was also sent round to Members). Keep Left is guiding a public relations campaign for the ASO which is now commencing to make some impact. For the first time ever the Secretariat is receiving queries asking ‘Is this person a Specialist?’ before treatment is commenced. The Facebook traffic is growing exponentially and we were even mentioned in a recent Choice magazine. The CIC, under Howard Holmes, is working with great enthusiasm and efficiency. The Society’s Customer Relationship Management system was completed over the last two years and has allowed a relatively easy transition from The Association Specialists offices into new independent premises. Our CEO, Michelle Cutler, deserves enormous praise for the co-ordination of this project and hopefully making this transition appear seamless to the Members. With the move to our own office, we have also seen the engagement by the ASO of

two new staff members to co-ordinate both membership and public relation services as well as overseeing special projects in relation to our Society’s continuing activities. We welcome Siri and Jayne to our fold and look forward to working with our own dedicated staff rather than a rotating group through The Association Specialists. Liz Swaby has kindly deferred her retirement as Executive Officer until the end of the year and will aid our Secretary with the change to a digital format newsletter and Dr Hannan with the Corporate Restructure Project. The Membership will have been aware of the consultation held with the ADA Federal Executive late in October of 2015, prior to the release of the eleventh schedule, and the further discussions held with the Federal ADA since its release. It was extremely pleasing to see Membership feedback on the 800 series amendments. We believe this is causing the ADA to reconsider its position on the abolition of item 881. At the current time, item 881 can still be utilised and remains a fully functional number, certainly for the coming two years. Also our direct interaction with the PHI’s has resulted in more appropriate benefits being paid for some items such as prefabricated elastomeric appliances. Members have expressed concerns with the development of what is an inappropriately claimed Diploma of Aesthetic Orthodontics by the Penn College. After discussions with various bodies and lobbying, we have now

Dear Members, It is with great pleasure that I write to you in my new role after having served the ASO for over two decades in numerous positions. It is an excellent time to come in as President as many projects that have been in the pipeline for the last decade are commencing to come to fruition. I believe it is an exciting time to be in our Specialty and Members need to remember that while generalists are encroaching on our field that through public awareness of who we are and our greater expertise, our specialist care will prevail. We can look to the North American banding rates per specialist which have reached record levels in recent years in spite of these other influences. Our Student Members have never been better supported through accredited programs, group interactions and

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Australian Society of Orthodontists - June 2016

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