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A comprehensive deep-dive into Nawkaw's innovative colors and finishes.

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Gray formlined concrete panels colored with a custom stain and applicative techniques to imitate and create a bespoke weathered copper finish.

Location: Coburg, Victoria, Australia Name: Pentridge Apartments Architect: PRO-ARK Year: 2017

Concrete is one of the most durable and commonly used building materials in the world. So why settle for latex coatings that peel off after a few years and leave your projects unsightly and tarnished? Nawkaw’s color solutions go beyond color. Our innovative products and proprietary techniques have transformed buildings for over thirty years. Our architectural finishes, unique textures, and mineral stains don’t peel off or fade. Through our color equalization techniques, Nawkaw can rectify imperfections in freshly poured concrete and allow designers to embrace the natural concrete look. Or, utilize formliners and custom-crafted stain to transform your concrete into a host of different designs and finishes. From downtown high-rises to bridges and infrastructure projects, massive distribution centers and everywhere in between, Nawkaw crafts captivating buildings through color and finishing work, at scale, and by hand. MATERIAL REPLICATION Nawkaw’s bespoke stain solution paired with innovative concrete formliners creates a one-of-a-kind façade. Take total control of your building’s texture, color, and visual impact by designing your concrete exactly as you desire, creating unique looks such as stonework, masonry, metal paneling, lumber, worn leather, and so much more!


Concrete is first formed into a wooden finish using high-quality formliners. Next, Nawkaw’s certified Stain Technicians use varying shades of custom stain to transform gray concrete into a look that can fool from any distance.

Location: Carlton, Victoria, Australia Name: Living Carlton – Stage 7 Architect: Jackson Architecture Year: 2012

Gray formlined precast stained to requested colors across multiple facades and structures.

Gray formlined concrete elements transformed into a leatherlike finish.

Location: Hornby, Christchurch, New Zealand Name: Wilmers Road Pump Station Architect: Opus Architecture Year: 2012

Inconsistencies in cure times, temperature fluctuations, and many other factors can leave freshly cured concrete incongruent and unfinished in appearance. Nawkaw certified Stain Technicians are highly-trained in their craft, utilizing stain in various hues and transparencies to blend away discoloration without disrupting the natural appearance of concrete. Perfect for infrastructure projects, repair work, or simply for architectural aesthetics, color equalization gives you the smooth, even final appearance you’ve been searching for! COLOR EQUALIZATION Embrace the natural beauty of concrete while blending away unsightly blemishes, discoloration, and patchwork. Nawkaw Color Equalization leaves your concrete looking just as you desire.

Photos: Cast in place concrete formwork coated in semi- transparent stain to remove discoloration and blemishes throughout the curved structure. Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States Name: National Veterans Museum Architect: Allied Works Architecture Year: 2018

Gray formlined precast concrete elements coated in a weathered copper finish created by multiple stain coatings and expert applicative techniques.

Location: Kingswood, New South Wales, Australia Name: Nepean Mental Health Hospital Architect: Woods Bagot Year: 2014

Gray precast concrete created from multiple formliners colored in a variety of colors and finishes, from masonry to stonework and beyond.

Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada Name: URL Condos Architect: E Squared Developments Year: 2014

Gray precast elevations in panel and faux-masonry forms stained in multiple colors to create both a mixed concrete and brick aesthetic throughout.

Location: Georgetown, Ontario, Canada Name: Edgewater Senior Living Architect: E Squared Developments Year: 2021

Concrete elements colored with green and semitransparent yellow stain according to university branding standards.


Location: St. Petersburg, Florida, United States Name: Osprey Suites at the University of South Florida Architect: Beck Group Year: 2020

Gray precast concrete panels stained with a textured “rust” effect using multiple Nawkaw products.

Location: Wollert, Victoria, Australia Name: Aurora Village Shopping Centre Client: Lend Lease Communities Australia Year: 2017

Gray precast elevations in faux-masonry forms stained to simulate natural brickwork and sandstone.

Location: Carlingford, New South Wales, Australia Name: Somerset at Carlingford Client: Austral Precast Year: 2016

Gray precast concrete panels stained and textured varying shades of red using multiple techniques.

Location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia Name: FIFO Terminal 2 at Perth International Airport Architect: Hassell Studio Year: 2015

Gray formlined concrete paneling stained in multiple hues, including the creation of a faux wooden finish, using custom Nawkaw mineral stain.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Name: Hyatt Place Ottawa West Client: Sitecast Year: 2021

Gray molded formlined precast stained to simulate brickwork, with multicolored concrete texturing and paneling across all elevations.

Location: Carlton, Victoria, Australia Name: Living Carlton – Elgin Street Social Housing Client: Jackson Architecture Year: 2014

Gray formlined concrete stained in multiple hues to simulate a natural sandstone effect.

Location: Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia Name: Mordialloc Lifesaving Club Architect: Haskell Architects Year: 2017

Location: Stanhope Gardens, New South Wales, Australia Name: St John XXIII Catholic College Performance Hub Architect: Morson Group Year: 2019

Gray precast concrete wall panels and compressed fiber cement ceiling panels stained and textured to a cork finish and coated with a photocatalytic finishing system.

Gray formlined precast concrete colored with a variety of earthy tones specially applied to create a textured, leather-like effect.

Location: Upwey, Victoria, Australia Name: Burrinja Cultural Centre Architect: Gregory Burgess Architects Year: 2012

Gray precast concrete elements colored in a dark textured stone and multicolored metallic finish.

Location: Pyrmont, New South Wales, Australia Name: Silk Apartments Architect: Tony Caro Architecture Year: 2012

Gray molded precast stained to simulate a weathered copper or patina look across multiple elevations

Location: Carlton, Victoria, Australia Name: Living Carlton – Local Architect: Jackson Architecture Year: 2014

Compressed formlined fiber cement cladding colored with stain to the specified wood grain finish.

Location: Armadale, Victoria, Australia Name: Toorak Park Town House Architect: Denton Corker Marshall Year: 2017

Location: Braybrook, Victoria, Australia Name: Caroline Chisholm Catholic College, Quin Auditorium Architect: Oaten Stanistreet Architects Year: 2009

Gray formlined concrete paneling colored to a sandstone finish with highlights to create a gold-like appearance.

Gray precast concrete formlined into brickwork through formliners colored using stain products to create a colorful masonry appearance.

Location: Frankston, Victoria, Australia Name: Peninsula Private Hospital Design and Builder: ADCO Constructions Year: 2016

Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada Name: e2 Medical Center Architect: E Squared Developments Year: 2017

Gray formlined concrete panels colored with a custom stain solution featuring vibrant colors, dark slate finishes, and a textured, wood-like appearance.

Gray formlined concrete elements stained with varying coats of base and accent colors to create a dark range of stonework.

Location: Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Name: Private Residence Architect: Bradstone Year: 2021

Ribbed block concrete stained to a darker and more modern finish across all elevations.

Location: Kingston, Ontario, Canada Name: Confederation Place Hotel Client: The Allinson Family Year: 2022

Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada Name: Snelgrove Place Key Stakeholder: Region of Peel Year: 2012

Gray precast textured concrete stained in multiple colors to rep- licate various shades of brickwork and wood paneling.

Tilt up concrete panels stained as per client specifica - tions for an elementary school expansion project.

Location: Kleinburg, Ontario, Canada Name: École élémentaire La Fontaine Client: Tilt Wall Ontario Inc. Year: 2020

Gray form lined precast molded into brickwork colored with three custom stains to simulate a range of masonry.

Location: Blackburn, Victoria, Australia Name: Paragon Apartments Architect: KHAK Architects Year: 2014

Existing brickwork and aggregate veneer stained an opaque white color across all elevations as part of a holistic renovation project.

Location: Madison, Wisconsin, United States Name: Renaissance Senior Living of Hilldale Client: Tri-North Builders Year: 2021

White precast concrete panels stained in various shades to replicate a gradient across multiple elevations.

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Name: Winnipeg Apartment Complex Client: Lafarge Precast Winnipeg Year: 2020

Location: Highland Park, Illinois, United States Name: Battledeck House Architect: Henry Dubin Year: 2021

An incongruent mixture of original, patched, and infill masonry stained a muted white to replicate the original design.

Location: San Francisco, California, United States Name: citizenM San Francisco Architect: Gensler Year: 2021

Precast elements in a stone finish stained to equalize color, as well as a metal-inspired second stain coating applied on other elements across the building envelope. Work completed off-site.

Existing red masonry stained a metallic white, including the historic replication of a rooftop clock in newly-chosen colors.

Location: New York, New York, United States Name: 250 E Houston Owners: The Dermot Company & Rockwood Capital Year: 2018

Gray precast concrete panels stained to simulate brickwork across multiple elevations.

Location: Auckland CBD, Auckland Region, New Zealand Name: Oasis Apartments Architect: Paul Brown & Associates Year: 2018

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