NTSO - First row: S. Byron. Second row: Unknown, R. Smith, K. Comerford, K. Tempski, F. Tracy,]. Johnstone. Thirdrow:]. Marrin,J. Austin,J. Hassett, E. Henderson, A. Greene, M. Hughes, S. Browne, G. Marrow. Forth row: M. Hill, D. Keddie, L. Harrington, L. Trudeau, J . Caruso, L. Serriane, L. Smith, M. W itten, M. Wi lliams, L. Seil, T. Fitsgerald. Absent: D. Lamendola, E. Lorson, U. lk 1lx .r, L . NkL.tilum, A. 11-H..:h , 1 Jl/ . ~Agl1111L~ll1. Not only was NTSO's "101 Dalmations, float the hit of the homecoming parade but when the year ended, USG named them "Organization of the Year" for their many accomplishments.


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