"I found myself in a position in life where I would be attending college with my two sons. I was frightened of the risk I was taking but I knew that this would enhance my future. Looking at the sea of faces in a class and knowing that you're the oldest person there was a challenge in itself. And here I am graduating before my sons - prepared educationally for the journey before me. Here's to 'intelectual stimuli!' " "We [NTSO] were looking for new ideas and . . ways to tmprove our 1mage on campus. We looked at several active student organizations and the Caribbean Students Organization was a particularly good model. Their varied social programmmg was an . . . )) msp1rat10n to us. Reva Smith, Non-Traditional Students Organization Ann Korta, '98 USG Receptionist

Sheriffee A. Humphrey Political Science

Marian E. Homiszczak

Brian lenco C riminal Justice

Jamilla Jackson

Robyn M. Napierala Jackson

Tiffanie Jackson Art Education

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