In my black and white world I saw formulas and numbers and life measured with Heisenberg uncertainty. Words, Webster flat, black and colorless pattern histories and fantasies incomprehensible. Afloat on the sea of life my eyes on the near shore my back to the unknown: There there be dragons. The old man spoke of deep waters, of splendor and pulled up my anchor setting me adrift on the wave of possibility. I calculated the depth of the water and the movement of the stars and one fearful day I realized I had gone out too far


What is it that rainstorms grant me such repose? The murky thunderheads gathering above Consuming me. Thick grey masses where time is not. Seraphim's finger tips dancing upon my face A deluge of notes crashing from the heavens Symphonic orchestration begotten of angels Inspiration. Redemption. Sins of the world vanish in blackened puddles I am left a seedling to grow anew Bartles not won. Love that is lost. All washed away in so much of God's water. Streams of vigor. Earthy dampness.

and looked up saw a rainbow.

-Kathy Kosman

- Robby Dinero


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