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She Promises To Return

veil the clock now

She'll sing with wrinkled slip on and holes in her knees and I will poke around my closet pushing back bird houses and unopened letters until I fall asleep but so I do nor have to

I step into the backyard of something outside of what we have known

She pushes his gifts into the darkest closer of the basement and pauses while a silence mutters on where gratitude could have slipped

Even my breath lies in wait

Morning feels like a mercy killing here in this ashen

Moon you slither inside the jazz and coin peddlers of this city

mismatched microcosm we embitter rhe n ight share our wound stories as I tell her how I cur you our perfected the an of slicing holes full and deep as our sky-eyed sister

I glance up at your portent gibbous

(you betray me)

I taste something in this tobacco like thinner and suck on for care of nothing can exist when clocks and mirrors are cloaked And 1 am weary of my disquiet presence sputtering along while Thursday's duties form the picker fence grin where behind lies my very own molotov cocktail gift wrapped and glittered for Christmas

(her indifference silences rime)

We hide just under rhe city's shelter blanket of evening and whisper

poison effigies to induce morning

(she promises to return)

We said it once and it bled from us

-NancyA. Lavis

(the moon saves face)

I am breaking

Virgins and stitches and three more cherries in my sour mix won't save us any more than the snooze bar


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