The Elms Staff -

Colleen Anrhony Editor in Chief

Addam H atch Photo Editor

Larry Seil Business Manager

Dave Meinzer Advisor/Layout

Addam Hatch

Colleen Anthony

Carrie Pinkowski Marv Hill Anjelica Bracero Lynette Trudeau M ike Paluch Cheryl McCallum Kham Sourakakone Toune Vonpheng

Larry Seil

Marv Hill

Cheryl McCallum


• D ear Stacey and Brirney Simmons - I finally made it! Thanks for all your help I love you both. W ith much love, Your Mom!

• To all of my friends ... Good Luck in whatever you do! To my wife Carol ... I'll always love you! - Larry Seil

• Thank You everyone, especially to the Yearbook Staff who beared w ith me durin g my grizzly moments. We d id it! - G rizzly Addam

• I think I can, I think I can , I think I can . . . . . . 1 can. I can, I can!!!!


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