The Elms Yearbook 1998 edi– tion was published by the United Students' Government at Buffalo State College (The State University of New York College at Buffalo). Funding was provided through the man– datory student activity fee. The Elms offices are in the Student Union, Buffalo State College, 1300 Elmwood Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14222. Printing production was handled by Jostens Printing & Publishing, State College, PA. Jostens was represented by David Riley. A press run of 500 was printed. Senior portraits were taken by Knack & Richards Photography, Williamsville, NY in February, March and April 1998. The sports team photos were shot by Jim Courtney Photography, Buffalo, NY and provided cour– tesy of the BSC Intercollegiate Athletic Department. Commencement day was photgraphed by Eric Jensen. All other photos were taken by student yearbook staff photog– raphers, contributing photogra– phers, or provided by individual organizations. The pages were designed by Dave Meinzer, Colleen Anthony, Addam Hatch, and Carrie Pinkowski, using the Jostens' Adobe Pagemaker-based Yeartech program.

We would like ro thank our families and friends for their support and encouragemcm. WP would also like to thank the following for their contributions w the production and assembly of rhe Elms Yearbook:

Dave Riley

Brendan Mahaffey Tamara Covington Dr. Mu riel Moore Dr. Phil Santa Maria

Sandy Porter

Sue Hill

Marv & Pam Hill

Rira Ward

Dave Had dad Diane Kedd ie Mona Whitten

Alice Sullivan

Jeff Smith

Dave Meinzer V.P. Hal Payne

Kham Sou rakakone Tunisha Walker Colleen Anthony

C heryl McCallum Dawn LaMendola Sheriffee Humph rey

Mark & V ivian (Vickie) Williams

Anjelica Bracero

Addam Hatch

Roberr (Robbie) Dinero

Phil Gerace M ike Paluch

Carrie Pinkowski

Norm Bryant Don Blu ndell Dr. E. 0 . Smirh

Larry Seil

Tom Fitzgerald

Carmen Gallardo Toune Vonpheng

Kate Ward

Mary Ru th Glowgowski

Chris Roll man

Connie Schafl

Mary Delmont

Lisa Smith

V icky Vullo

Elaine Baines Marlon Roberts Nadia Haroon Barb Anthony

Sabrina Saunders

Sue Orr

Caribbean Srudents Organization

Another year has come and gone and with ir many memories. The 1998 Elms Yearbook started our as any normal yearbook would. In October of 1997 rhe yearbook staffdissipated. A rumor was Aoaring arou nd campus that said the yearbook would become a memory. Being one of the oldest organiza– tions on campus it just couldn't pass on into oblivion. The few individuals who remained reunited in December, wirh assistance from The Record, the school's newspaper, and rhe Non-Traditional Stu– dents Organization (NTSO) aka NUTZOS, and continued forward ro assemble a yearbook for 1998. Our fi rst assignment came in moments. We needed ro choose a theme and a cover, and we did. The theme of ch is year's yearbook centers on school spirit. BSC's mascot, the bengal tiger, is rhe focus of rhe rheme. Coincidentally, th is is rhe Chinese year of rhe tiger. I n rhe the realm of the tiger we, rhe yearbook staff, found our strengths and conquered our worst fear: T he fear of not maki ng deadlines and completing chis yearbook. Many long hou rs of raking phoros (we even forgot ro rake rhe Elms staff photo- oops!), selecting th e best photos available and running to get a photo at the last minute seemed continous. After rhe selection p rocess came the layout process, chen the printing process and finally the finished product. What is supposed to be completed in a ni ne momh span was condensed into five momhs. On a personal note this was an ind idvidual challenge to each of us as well as a challenge to the group. We never knew what was involved, nor did we know whar to expect. The momcms of frustration mounted and somehow, in some manner, we found rhe strength ro srrive on ro face yet another challenge. T he production of this yearbook has helped all of us to realize what we have in common with our friends, families, peers and instructors. Life is nor a series of confl icts, trials and errors, and short sweet moments of vicrory. Life is rhe challenges we present to ourselves, to complete and con– tinue to go forward. We each sec each challenge and each completion differently. A student may see an A grade as successful completion, while a parent may see their child graduating from college as a completion of parenthood. We challenged ourselves and we completed our goal. When you look back upon this year, and many other years at BSC, go forward with the feeling ofaccomplishment. Chal– lenge yourselves again, and upon reflection you will sec your challenges and accomplishments. In those reAecrions you will find you r answers. We hope that this yearbook will give you rhe opporruniry ro reflect favorably upon your years at BSC and enrich the lives of those that you as an individual will rouch. May the spirit of your alma macer give you rhe suengrh ro meet those challenges and accomplish the tasks char you are given.

-The 1998 Elms Staff


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