Diana, Princess of Wales, one of the world's most famous and admired women, dies at 36 in a violent car crash in Paris on August 31.

y President Jiang Zemin of Chinameets for summit talks with President Bill Clinton in October, the first visit in 12 years of aChinese leader to the U.S. During his stay, demonstrators protest China's treatment of Tibet.

) The death of "the people's

princess" generates an emotional outpouring of love and grief, evidenced byfloral tributes heaped at Diana's Kensington Palace home.

At the funeral, Elton Johnperforms "Candle in theWind 1997," rewritten in tribute to Diana. The recording quickly sells more than 35 million copies, becoming the best-selling single of all time. Sales proceeds benefit the Diana, Princess ofWales Memorial Fund.

One of the most poignant images of Di&na's funeral: her young sons following her coffin intoWestminster Abbey.

Crisis flares again in Iraq in late 1997 as Saddam Hussein protests U.N. sanctions and blocks inspection of suspected Iraqi weapon sites.

InJune, shortly before Diana's death, an auction of 79 of her evening gowns raises $3.26 million for AIDSand cancer charities. Top price paid for asingle gown: $222,500.


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