On July 23 suspected murderer Andrew Cunanan, 27, commits suicide inMiami Beach. Cunanan wasthe prime suspect in across-country killing ~vt ee LlJdtlefL five tledLI, luLluwng fash1on designer Gianni Versace.

ln Apri11997, floods ravage the entire Red River Valley between Minnesota and the Dakotas. Ninety percent of downtown Grand Forks, North Dakota, isunder water.

Once-mightyApple Computer is close to failure when arch-rival Bill Gates of Microsoft "rescues" it with aS150 million bail-ott in August. The event opens anew era of cooperation betweer. formerly fierce competitors.

Americans join "Stop the Violence" campaigns nationwide

in an attempt to generate awareness ofand solutions to the problem of violence in America.

JonatbJnEldrrficld. G,unnĀ·,ltl.iaJSOf!

~ .JoeCamel is snuffed out as the Federal Trade Commission bans

tobacco advertisingaimedat minors and mslltutes sweepmg tobacco uJvl.stiJiug tl.Jts l...tluHJ.

First Lt. Kelly Flinn accepts ageneral discharge from the Air Force, avoiding court-martial for lyingabout an affair and disobe~ng orders. Flinn had been the first and onlyfemale B-52 pilot in the service.

Timothy McVeigh is convicted of murder and conspiracy in June for the Apri11995 bombing of theAlfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. McVeigh is later sentenced to death.

British nanny Louise Woodward, 19, isconvicted in Massachusetts of murdering achild in her care. Thejudge later reduces the charge to involuntarymanslaughter and releases her.

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