Viewers worldwide see the first-ever high-resolution color pictures of Mars when the Patllfinder spacecraft lands July4. The lander and its rover, Sojourner, collect and transmit extraordinary data for three months.

For $8.36 million, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural llistory buys "Sue," themost complete 7'yrannosawus rex fossil yet discovered. The sale occurs October 4 at Sotheby's in New York.

Russia's aging Mir space station collides withan unmanned supply vehiclein June and isseriously damaged. Thisisonly one in a series of crises castingdoubt on the viability of the station.

In September, CAT scans of petrified dinosaur eggs found in China reveal a dinosaur embryo.

Scottish scientists in February 1997 announce the world's first cloning of an adult mammal ThP shP.f'p, namr.rl Dolly, fuels controversy over possible tlli~u~~ uf th\. k diHvlut(;.

Aided bytheHubbleSpace Telescope, astronomersdiscover the Pistol Star- the brightest star yet observedin theMilkyWay. The Pistol Star is25,000light yearsfromEarth.

Thepopular diet regimen fen-phenis pulled off themarket in September. Thecombinationof fenfluramineand phentermineisshown tocauseheart valve disorders, asis thediet drug Redux, also recalled.

Research produces medical break– throughs, includingagenetically engineered "bullet" moleculebeing tested to fight cancer and new drugs to control or prevent Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis and congestive heart failure.

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