The Buffalo State campus has changed and grown considerably over the years - and as the 1919 city planning map ar the bottom of this page shows, it changed a lor before anything was started. The "recommended" plan for an "educational center" included a grade school, high school, vocational school, faculty residences, and "Upton Stadium." None of the buildings (except possibly the "art school" at Elmwood and Penhurst) were built as drawn. (Interestingly, this map also labels rhe State Hospital buildings as "To be removed as proposed in 3 years." Many of those structures, including the landmark rowers designed by renowned architect Henry H. Richardson in 1870, are still standing- though largely unused -and are considered architectural treasures.) Rockwell Hall (top photo) and Ketchum Hall (bottom) were built in 1930 exactly as shown in the 1928 "Proposed Campus" drawing (center).




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