Teen People, asawy monthly magazine for and about teenagers, premieres in February 1998.

• Fashion advertising and clothing trends inspire the popularity of the color orange, which replaces neon green as the fad color of the year.

tn October, acyberlash10n show at the M.l.l. Medta Utb WMta~J~ Symposium features fashions with built-in computer devices and electronic hardware. M.l.'l: students designed the htgh-tech fashtons.

Princess Diana tribute merchandise abounds, including adouble CD ~et and anew 6eilnie B~bv named Prinrr.ss. n rov~l n11rnlr hr.~r adorned with a rose. Profits 1101111!11 '1111 IJilltlll. pruwuuv or wu1~u Memorial Fund.

Fashion looks to the Far East. The shck-on bmdt. a tlny decoraltve nccenl worn in the middle ollhc (Qr9h9~d, if P9P\II~ril9d b" G•••9n ~telani, lead singer ollhe band lllll)tt!litl

This year's look in cosmetics is glimmering, sparkling and colorful. Riding this wave, cosmetics giant Christian Dior introduces Mascara Flash, temporary hair color in avariety of outrageous tints.

• Platform shoes, a fashion statement during the disco '70s, make astyle comeback in abig way in 1997, inspiring even platform sneakers.

• "1\vo Fat Ladies" becomes the Food Network's hottest new cooking show in the U.S., attracting fans with its

unconventional British stars, two overweight, middle-aged women.

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