&ery year at alumni reunions, Buffalo State College graduates from years past return to campus toting well worn copies of the Elms. A yearbook increases in significance as the years go by. Your yearbook will serve as a reminder of the years you spent at BSC, the friends you made here, the faculty and staffwith whom you worked, and of a whole period of your life. Someday you may look back at this book and laugh at the fashions - the hairstyles, the eyeglasses. You will remember the precise moments when you met people who would become very important to you. You may recall historical events of the 1990's and where you were when they happened. Naturally, you will also remember how Buffalo State College fits into your life and how your life is different because of the experiences you had here. I hope that the life of every Buffalo State College graduate will be rewarding and filled with happiness. I hope that in the years ahead you will, from time to time, take this book down from the shelf and enjoy it again, and that you will share it with friends and family. On behalf of the faculty, staff, emeriti and alumni of Buffalo State College, present and future, I wish you all the best that life s to offer, and many hours of enjoyment wit this copy of the Elms.

Dr. Moore presented an International Student Scholarship Award to Satoru Miyazawa (center) along with BSC benefactor Francis Tyau (right).

Muriel A. Moore, Ph.D. President


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