JohnS. Frederick, Ed.D.

Muriel A. Moore, Ph.D . President ofthe College Bonita R. Durand, M.S. Executive Assistant to the President Anrhony J. C hase, M.A. Assistant to the Presidentfor Documents & Presentations Dolores E. Battle, Ph.D. Senior Adviser to the Presidentfor Equity & Campus Diversity Thomas A. Quatroche, D.Ed. Provost and Vice Presidentfor Academic Ajfaits Dennis K. Ponron, Ph.D. Executive Vice Provostfor Budget and Plmming M. Virginia Wyly, Ph. D. Interim Vice Provostfor Instruction and Curriculum Maryruth G logowski, M.L.S. Director, E.H. Butler Library Cymhia Egglesron, M.S. Ed. Interim Director Educational Opportunity Program Deborah K. Renzi, M.S.W. Director Admissions Paul T. Coll yer, M.Ed. Associate Director Admissions Daniel R. Humer, J r., Ed.M. Director Financial Aid Michael E. Wood ruff Associate Director Financial Aid Mark T. Bausili, M.S. Registrar Lee An n Grace, Ph. D. Director International Education Wendel B. Wickland, M.S. Director Special Programs Joseph T. Murray, C.A.S. Coordinator Pre-Collegiate Programs Kathryn A. Moran , M.S . Assistant to Vice Provostfor Academic Support Services Karen L. Johnson, M.L.S. Interim Director Academic Skills Center Leon Smith, Ph.D. Director Academic Standards Ellen M. DeWind, Ph.D. Interim Director New Student Programs andAcademic Advisement T homas G. Kinsey, Ph.D. interim Dean ofGraduate Studies and Research Robert J. Stephen, M.Ed. Assistant Dean and Director Lifelong Learning Ted Turkle, M.A. Interim Director Research Services andAdministration Susan A. McCartney, M.B.A. Director SmaiL Business Development Center

Coordinator Commuter Services

Gail V. Wells, B.S. Coordinator Minority Studem Services Susan M. Hill, B.A. Coordinator Native American Student Services Jean-Francois Gounard, Ph.D. Director International Student Affairs Joan McCool, Ph.D. Interim Director Counseling T imothy R. Ecklund, M.S. Director Residence Life Theresa R. Stephan Hains, M.D. Director Stttdent Health Services andMedical Director Alice H. Sullivan, R.N. Director Sexuality Center

Stephanie Zuckerman-Aviles, M.Ed. Director Career Development Center Alfonso Scandrett Jr., Ph.D. Director Intercollegiate Athletics Gail F. Maloney, Ph. D. Associate Director ofAthletics Richard J. Bihr, M.B.A., M.S. Assistant Director ofAthletics Daniel Thiel, B.S. Director Child Care Center

Stanley Kardonsky, Ph.D. Vice Presidentfor Finance andManagement Gary J. Phillips, C.P.A., Ed.M. Associate Vice President and Comptroller Dorcas L. Colvin, M.A. Associate Vice President Human Resource Management Ronald N. Brown Jr., B.A. Director SUNY Information Technology Exchange Center Lou Ward Director Public Safety Patricia Chambers Alessand ra, B.A. Director College Relations Carmine A. Grande, DPS, CFRE Vice Pres. for Inst. Advancement and Development and Executive Directot· Buffalo State College Foundation Kathryn A. Ward, M.A. Director Alumni Affairs Donald J. Merz, B.A. Director ofAdministration Burchfield-Pemzey Art Center Carolyn A. Morris Director External Development James A. Thor, B.S., C.P.A. Financial Manager Glenn R. Nellis, Ph.D. Director Major Gifts and Planned Giving Nanette Tramonr, R.N. Director News Services

Hal D. Payne, J.D. Vice P1·esidentfo1· Student Ajfai1·s Phillip Sanra Maria, Ph.D. Associate Vice President and Dean ofStudents Charles B. Kenyon, Ph.D. Assistant Vice President Donald W. Blundell, M.S.Ed. Interim Director Student Lift

Gary E. Vickers, M.B.A. Executive DirectorAuxiliary Services - Faculty Student Association


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