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7 Ways Travel Can Change You for the Better

“One’s destination is never the place, but a newway of seeing things.”

our eyes need a break from staring at a screen 18 hours a day. As much as we love our jobs, we need to get away sometimes! 2. It gives you a new perspective. Travel teaches us a lot about ourselves and who we are. I love seeing how our family dynamic changes after being together 24/7 for a few weeks and howwe grow closer and learn a lot about each other! There are things we just can’t learn from a book. Travel can bring out a different side of us, and it helps us become more rounded. 3. You’ll become more adaptable and flexible. Things seldom

I saw this quote by Henry Miller at JFK International Airport while waiting to board our flight to Budapest, Hungary, on June 4. It echoed my wish for my four kids, my husband, andme that we would, at least in a small way, see the world—and ourselves in it —differently after this month-long trip to three different European countries. Yes, I believe that traveling is one of the most powerful and transformative experiences in life, and the earlier you do it, the better. Here are a fewways I believe travel changes you for the better. 1. It recharges you. Let’s be honest: Our brains need a break from the constant work, our bodies need a break from sitting at a desk, and

The island of Capri and the Mediterranean Sea

go exactly how we expect them to while we’re traveling. Flights get delayed, the rental car that we reserved months ago is not available, the kid loses his new reading glasses, or there is a mosquito invasion. But through all these ups and downs, we learn how to handle whatever situation is thrown at us. We learn to adapt and find a new solution, and we might even laugh about it at the end of the day ... or maybe next year. 4. You’ll break out of your comfort zone. By removing ourselves from the comforts of our American life and all the things we are familiar with— like the language, the weather, the food, and even the people —we start to see the world and ourselves in a newway. Things that used to seem scary or uncomfortable won’t seem so scary anymore.

In front of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy

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