Richell Cats


Water bottle/dish stand

56301-4 Water stand Brown RP:

JAN Code: 4973655 56301-4

small dogs - medium-sized dogs and cats

size / 23 × 26 × 44H (cm)

Material ;Pedestal: rubber woodmounting frame

Steel rubber feet: Synthetic rubber Screw: Steel

As water dish or water nozzle stand h eight of spout fromfloor/ height of spout from floorfloorfloor 8~ ~40.5 cm 2.5cm ~ 34.5cm

In the case of water dish

In the case of water nozzle


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Water nozzle with bottle Easy mounting to the cage or circle.

Water Nozzle bottle (Brown) JAN Code: 4973655 58171-1

Easy to measure the easy installation RP: amount of drinking Water Nozzle bottle (White) 2-color scale of JAN Code: 4973655 58174-2 Brown scale: confirmation of amount of water RP: Pink scale:confirmation of remaining amount By subtracting the remaining amount from the amount you put, the amount that drank will be measured.

Size /6.5×12.3×30(cm) Product weight / 176g capacity/ Bottle capacity: 470ml Bottlemaximum memory capacity: 400ml Material / Bottle: saturated polyester resin nozzle portion holder portion and the threaded portion: ABS plasticmouthpiece: brass mouthpiece ball Spring retainer: Stainless steel Packing: Synthetic rubber

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